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Treating gestational diabetes

Finding out you have gestational diabetes can be scary, but don’t worry it is very simple to treat gestational diabetes and to avoid most of its associated complications. We thought we would help you out and have created a step-by-step guideto treating your gestational diabetes. We hope it helps!

sliced strawberries

Fruit is a good diabetic snack

Step 1: Adjust your diet. If you have gestational diabetes it is even more important that before that you manage your diet well. This means avoid sugary or salty treats, instead opt for fruit or nuts if you’re feeling peckish. Also, make sure to eat small meals constantly throughout the day. Fasting for long periods and then eating one large meal will only aggravate your diabetes, so don’t skip meals! If you’re still having trouble managing your diet, ask your doctor to recommend a nutritionist who can give you a personal diet plan.

Step 2: Exercise. Moderate exercise is key for any pregnancy, but like your diet it becomes even more important if you suffer from gestational diabetes. Check out our ideas for different pregnancy exercises and try to do a ½ hour each day. It won’t only do wonders for your blood glucose levels, but it will also make you feel great while boosting your endorphinlevels.

blood glucose monitor

Have you bought an at-home blood glucose monitor?

Step 3: Measure your blood glucose levels daily. You don’t have to go to the hospital or your doctor’s office. You can buy an at-home blood glucose monitor, which is easy to use and great for making sure your new diet and exercise plan is working. Ask your healthcare provider for product recommendations.

Step 4: Take an antidiabetic drug. This step is only if your modified diet and exercise plan is not working and you are still recording very high blood glucose levels with your at-home monitor. You will have to visit your doctor who will then prescribe either an injection or pill for you to take each day.