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The basics of maternity wear: trousers

Picking the perfect maternity trousers can be a little bit more tricky, because we all know your waistline is expanding and that’s exactly where most trousers fit. Don’t worry though we’re here to help and you actually have a lot more options than you realise.

  • As with all maternity clothes, cotton material is always best for comfort.
  • When it comes to waistlines you have many options with maternity trousers: drawstrings,

    woman in elasticated jeans

    Maternity trousers can be a lot more attractive than this
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    elasticated waistbands or the ever famous maternity panels.

  • If you want to keep wearing your regular trousers you also have the option of buying separate waistbands that fit around the top of your trousers and help to keep them up.
  • Also, if you’re trying to avoid buying maternity wear, low rise trousers are a great alternative during the second and sometimes third trimester, because they fit snugly under your belly. You may have to wear a larger size though than normal.
  • Leggings and yoga pants are also great option when it comes to maternity trousers. They're perfect for doing all of your pregnancy exercises too.
  • However, if there is one piece of maternity wear you do buy it has to be those super comfy maternity jeans. We have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t love them. They are not only comfortable, but go with everything!

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