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The basics of maternity wear: shoes

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Those shoes won't fit your swollen feet
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Yes, you are actually going to have to buy new shoes for your pregnancy, because your feet are going to swell. You will probably go up a whole foot size, some women’s feet will swell even more than that. Don’t worry though, we’ve got some great tips for finding the perfect maternity shoes.

  • Firstly, ladies we highly recommend that you wear flat shoes and not high heels. We know a lot of celebs, like Victoria Beckham, wear sky high heels, but they aren’t the best idea. Wearing high heels greatly increases your risk of falling and they make swelling a lot worse. Flats can be attractive though and if you think your outfit really needs that extra edge court heels about an inch or two high should be ok. There very fashionable too, the Duchess of Cambridge often wears them to events.
  • Secondly, buy shoes made from leather or cotton, because there’s no telling how much your feet will swell. Leather and cotton stretches, so you won’t have to buy new shoes every other week.
  • Thirdly, shoes with good traction are important, you don’t want to risk any trips and falls. So make sure to check out what the shoe soles are like before you buy them.
  • Finally, make sure your shoes are season appropriate. We know enclosed shoes may not be as comfortable as sandals, but ladies in winter you will have no choice, sorry. Also make sure your shoes will be safe for walking on icy surfaces, as we’ve said before the last thing you want is to fall down.

Remember, sensible shoes can be fashionable too!

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