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The basics of maternity wear: knickers

Pregnancy knickers are always a great idea and here are a few tipsfor finding some you are going to love throughout your pregnancy.

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Maternity knickers can be lacy
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  • They don’t necessarily have to be big granny panties like those in Bridget Jones, but those are an option. A very comfortable one we might add. Like maternity bras, there is also a lot of very attractive pregnancy knickers available, shop around and you’ll be surprised by what you find.
  • Stock up! You are going to need a lot of knickers, because throughout your pregnancy you are going to have a good bit of vaginal discharge. This means you are going to have change your underwear more frequently than usual.
  • As with all maternity clothes, cotton knickers tend to be the most comfortable, because they allow your skin to breath, so that’s always a good option when it comes to choosing your perfect pregnancy knickers.

Remember, always choose what you feel most comfortable in.

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