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The basics of maternity wear: dresses

Who doesn’t love a great dress? Well, good news you don’t have to give them up while you’re pregnant! In fact, dresses are a great option when it comes to your maternity wardrobefor several reasons including:

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Does this dress make my bump look big?
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  • Dresses tend to be looser and so much cooler, even tight dresses can be quite nice cool.
  • Dresses can hide your baby bump very well. A lovely wrap dress is perfect for this and looks amazing on!
  • However, if you’re all about showing off your growing belly a tight dress is perfect for the job. Anyone remember those tight dresses Heidi Klum used to wear during her pregnancy?
  • Maternity dresses can also be worn a variety of ways: with a scarf, a jacket, a cardigan or nice accessories if you’re going out. For this reason it’s a solid maternity dress is a great staple for your maternity wardrobe.

So have you started thinking about hitting the shops for your perfect maternity dress? We have...

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