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Temas Publicaciones: trimester 2

Enhanced sense of smell

Covering your nose at almost everything you smell? Is the smell of your partner’s deodorant suddenly the most vile thing you can think of? Well then it’s time to say hello to another frustrating and very normal pregnancy symptom, your enhanced sense of smell. Your enhanced sense of smell doesn’t help when it comes to morning sickness, because more often ... Leer Más »

Pelvic pain

Your pelvis can cause you a lot of pregnancy pain.Free image courtesy of Pelvic pain is a common pregnancy symptom and it really is a pain, especially if it becomes severe and develops into SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction). Pelvic pain is the result of increased levels of the hormone relaxin in your body. Your pelvis is a combination of ... Leer Más »

Frequent urination

Do you find yourself constantly looking for this sign everywhere you go? Have you found yourself going to the bathroom incessantly since you discovered you were pregnant? Actually, let’s be honest you probably noticed that before you found out you were pregnant as it is one of the first signs of pregnancy. We wish we could tell you that this ... Leer Más »

Surprise, you're expecting twins…

“And that’s the second heartbeat...” “The second what?!?!” Finding out you’re expecting twins or even more multiples can be an emotional roller coaster. You literally feel the entire spectrum of emotions: excitement, worry, anxiety, luck, shock and premature exhaustion to name a few. Irregardless, having twins is an incredible experience and if you’re expecting more than one baby double congratulationsare ... Leer Más »

Trouble sleeping

Are you lying awake all night long during pregnancy? Trouble sleeping during pregnancy is a very common pregnancy symptom that affects around 80% of all pregnant women. It is particularly noted during the first and third trimesters of pregnancy. It seems that most pregnancy symptoms aren’t as pronounced during the second trimester, I guess you could say trimester 2 is ... Leer Más »

Weight gain during pregnancy

How much weight should you gain during your pregnancy? Pregnancy is often accompanied by an endless series of questions, one of the most popular of these questions is: “How does pregnancy affect my daily diet?” There are those pregnant women who are dreading gaining pregnancy weight and then there are others who are out of this world excited at the ... Leer Más »

Food aversions

Can't stand the sight of sushi? It must be your pregnancy food aversion Food aversions are a common pregnancy symptoms that affect approximately 85% of all pregnant women, particularly in the first trimester. Food aversions have been found to accompany food cravings, however more pregnant women report experiencing food aversions as an individual symptom rather than having cravings on their ... Leer Más »

The basics of maternity wear

How do I dress this bump?Free image courtesy of Your pregnancy is accompanied by a lot of changes in your body. Not only will your belly grow, but so will your boobs, and your feet are going to swell too. This means that you are going to need bigger clothes and bigger shoes! Where to begin? No need to ... Leer Más »

Exercise during pregnancy

Although you may not feel like exercising, there are a lot benefits to be gained from exercising and maintaining a healthy diet during your pregnancy. It will help you to regulate your weight throughout your 40 weeks of pregnancy and to relax, which is essential during pregnancy, especially when you are feeling uncomfortable, stressed and just generally fed up with ... Leer Más »