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Constipation: prevention and relief

Constipation is a frustrating and embarrassing, yet very common pregnancy symptom. At ThePregnancyNet we know many mothers just want to know what they can do to prevent constipation and get rid of it if it strikes. Below you can find a list of easy methods for avoiding and relieving pregnancy constipation. Fresh and dried fruits are great sources of fibre. ... Leer Más »


Constipation is an uncomfortable pregnancy symptom. Constipation can be quite an embarrassing pregnancy symptom to talk about, but it affects around 50% of all pregnant women so there really is no need to be embarrassed. Constipation is probably best described as difficult and infrequent bowel movements which are accompanied by some mild abdominal discomfort and pain. However, if your constipation ... Leer Más »


Are you feeling exhausted all the time? One of the most common pregnancy symptoms is fatigue, that constant feeling of pure exhaustion. This pregnancy symptom is so common that most women will experience it before they even know they are pregnant! Fatigue is at its worst during your first and third trimesters and tends to ease during the second trimester ... Leer Más »

Stopping a nosebleed

These steps from the NHS are great for stopping The following steps that should be taken in order to stop a nosebleed were obtained by the British National Health Service (NHS) and are approved by healthcare specialists associated with this government service. Sit down and firmly pinch the soft part of your nasal cavity, just above your nostrils, for ... Leer Más »

Avoiding nosebleeds

Luckily, nosebleeds can be No one enjoys getting a nosebleed. They are inconvenient, unpleasant and just plain annoying. However, during your pregnancy you do run a risk of experiencing more nosebleeds than normal, because as a result of your body’s hormonal changes nosebleeds are a common pregnancy symptom . Fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid nosebleeds ... Leer Más »


Nosebleeds are a surprisingly common pregnancy It is quite likely that during your pregnancy you will experience a nosebleed at least once. Don't worry, this is a completely normal pregnancy symptom that is harmless, though it can be quite an inconvenient and unpleasant experience. Like varicose veins and hemorrhoids, nosebleeds are the result of extra progesterone in your body ... Leer Más »

Treating pregnancy acne

Do not pop your pimples, it makes pregnancy acne worse.Free image courtesy of Pregnancy acne is an unpleasant pregnancy symptom, but there are certain steps you can take to treat and prevent pregnancy acne. Many are the same tips you heard while you were growing up, because as it turns out there’s no difference between pregnancy acne and teenage ... Leer Más »

Pregnancy acne

You may be back to fighting pimples during your pregnancy.Free image courtesy of Pregnancy may be a big step into the real adult world, but it does sometimes manage to bring back teenage memories. You thought you were done with zits when you graduated didn’t you? Well, with pregnancy several expectant mothers have to face that challenge all over ... Leer Más »


Wear a sun hat outside to limit the effects of chloasma. Chloasma, also known as melasma, is an unavoidable pregnancy symptom that affects approximately 70% of all pregnant women. Chloasma is associated with hyperpigmentation, which is caused by your increased estrogen and progesterone levels, which in turn increase your body’s melanin production. Basically what happens is that the excess melanin ... Leer Más »


Wear a sun hat outside to limit the effects of hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation, like many of your other pregnancy symptoms, is the result of your pregnancy hormones, namely your increased progesterone and estrogen levels. The extra progesterone and estrogen in your body causes your body to produce more melanin, the substance responsible for the darkening of your skin. Hyperpigmentation is most ... Leer Más »