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Step by step guide to: Travelling in London while pregnant

London Underground If you live in London and have recently found out that you are pregnant, you are probably thinking 'Oh gosh, public transport while pregnant will be a nightmare!' London transport really can be a nightmare, especially the tube. The London underground can be extremely busy during rush hour and there is a great chance that you will be ... Leer Más »

Lactose intolerance and pregnancy

Pregnant and drinking soya milkFree image courtesy of If you are lactose intolerance or suffer from a milk allergy you may be concerned about how that will affect your pregnancy. The truth is you don't have to worry, you can receive a sufficient calcium intake from other foods and supplements. However, it is important that you do not risk ... Leer Más »

Vegetarian and pregnant

Hmmm Omega-3Free image courtesy of You’re a vegetarian and pregnant, which means you have two very important reasons to make sure you’re paying close attention to your diet for the next 40 weeks. If you’ve been a vegetarian for a while you’re probably very clued up on what you need to eat to maintain a healthy diet, but we ... Leer Más »