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Ovulation problems

Ovulation problems are when your body is unable to release an egg from your ovaries during your monthly cycle therefore, if no egg is released you are unable to conceive. Leer Más »

Lamaze classes

What are lamaze classes? Lamaze is a non-profit organisation that promotes a natural, healthy and the safe approach to a woman’s pregnancy, labour and early parenting. The classes will help guide you through the stages of labour and the choices that you may need to make at the time. The lamaze organisation works closely with professionals, families and health care ... Leer Más »

Why should you go to childbirth classes?

Learn about childbirthFree image courtesy of You may be wondering why you should participate in childbirth classes with your partner when there is so much information available in books and online explaining the entire process of labour and birth. However, there are many pros to these classes, every pregnant woman is eligible to participate in them and most of ... Leer Más »

Sperm allergies

What is a sperm allergy? Both men and women can develop a sperm allergy, that is a negative reaction to sperm in your body. Your immune system develops sperm antibodies which repel sperm, which means it is very hard for those little guys to make it to their final destination: the egg. It is not yet known why women develop ... Leer Más »

Polycystic ovarian syndrome – PCOS

If you suffer from Polycystic ovarian syndrome and are trying to get pregnant you are probably wondering how the condition affects your fertility and whether there are options available to enhance your chances. What is PCOS? PCOS is when your ovaries are covered with fluid-filled sacs called ‘cysts.’ These cysts create a barrier, which means they stop your ovaries from ... Leer Más »

In vitro fertalisation (IVF)

What you need to know about In vitro fertalisation (IVF) IVF is one of the many solutions to any fertility problems you may be experiencing. This process involves the fertilisation of your egg by your partner's sperm outside of your body (A.K.A. in-vitro). IVF is a major and expensive solution, therefore it is only used when all other reproductive technology ... Leer Más »

Difficulty conceiving

If you are having difficulty conceiving the first step is to find out why you are having problems and whether you are able to solve them. If you have been having regular unprotected sex for over a year then it is time to see your doctor. Why am I having difficulty conceiving? Poor egg quality Blocked fallopian tubes Sperm allergy ... Leer Más »