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Temas Publicaciones: maternity wear

Preventing varicose veins

Varicose veins are a pesky pregnancy symptom everyone wants to avoid and the good news is that there are several things you can do to prevent or at least limit the appearance of varicose veins during your pregnancy. What’s even better is that many of these tactics also reduce the likelihood of leg cramps! Walking is a great form of ... Leer Más »

Swollen ankles: reducing the swelling

Have you noticed that you have swollen ankles? If so, you don’t have anything to worry about, because swollen ankles are a perfectly normal and harmless, though uncomfortable, pregnancy symptom that most pregnant women experience in their third trimester of pregnancy. Regardless, we’re sure you want to do everything possible to reduce the swelling, so here are a few suggestions ... Leer Más »

Dressing attractively to hide your bump

Many women fear that maternity wear can’t be attractive and they are going to spend their whole pregnancy looking like a blimp, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It is very possible to dress attractively and hide your bump when you are pregnant. Here are a few tipsto get you on your way to creating a stylish maternity ... Leer Más »

Maternity clothes on a budget

Shopping for a whole new maternity wardrobe can be an extra financial burden during your pregnancy so someone women actually dread it. Don’t worry though, we have tonnes of tips to help you find that perfect maternity wardrobe on a budget. 1. Search the sale racks. Even if you don’t need maternity clothes,  check out the maternity section if there ... Leer Más »

The basics of maternity wear: tights and stockings

Pregnancy stockings look and feel goodFree image courtesy of Maternity tights and stockings are very important, though some women prefer not to wear them during the spring and summer when it’s warmer. However, there are many advantages to wearing maternity tights and stocking including: they make your legs look and feel good, which really all tights and stocking do, ... Leer Más »

The basics of maternity wear: shoes

Those shoes won't fit your swollen feetFree image courtesy of Yes, you are actually going to have to buy new shoes for your pregnancy, because your feet are going to swell. You will probably go up a whole foot size, some women’s feet will swell even more than that. Don’t worry though, we’ve got some great tips for finding ... Leer Más »

The basics of maternity wear: dresses

Who doesn’t love a great dress? Well, good news you don’t have to give them up while you’re pregnant! In fact, dresses are a great option when it comes to your maternity wardrobefor several reasons including: Does this dress make my bump look big?Free image courtesy of Dresses tend to be looser and so much cooler, even tight dresses ... Leer Más »

The basics of maternity wear: skirts

Maternity skirts are a lot like maternity trousers in that finding a comfortable pair can be tricky, because finding the perfect waistband for your bump is no easy task. However, no need to fear as surprisingly there are a lot of options if you are more of a skirt than trousers kind of girl. There are several waistline varieties for ... Leer Más »

The basics of maternity wear: trousers

Picking the perfect maternity trousers can be a little bit more tricky, because we all know your waistline is expanding and that’s exactly where most trousers fit. Don’t worry though we’re here to help and you actually have a lot more options than you realise. As with all maternity clothes, cotton material is always best for comfort. When it comes ... Leer Más »

The basics of maternity wear: tops

When choosing some great tops for during your pregnancy, the options are endless. Department stores and high street shops have an incredible selection. However, we thought we’d give you a brief look at all of the options you have. There are the simple camisoleswhich not only show off your amazing new cleavage, but are also great for Motif tees are ... Leer Más »