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Sperm allergies

What is a sperm allergy?

Both men and women can develop a sperm allergy, that is a negative reaction to sperm in your body. Your immune system develops sperm antibodies which repel sperm, which means it is very hard for those little guys to make it to their final destination: the egg. It is not yet known why women develop a negative reaction to sperm. Men, on the other hand, develop sperm antibodies when his sperm comes into contact with his blood. This usually occurs after a reversed vasectomy or a previous trauma injury.

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Are you allergic to sperm?
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Less than 2% of fertile couples suffer from sperm allergies, while 5 -25% of couples suffering from fertility problems include at least one partner who is suffering from a sperm allergy.

What are my options?
If you or your partner are suffering from a sperm allergy your best bet is artificial insemination.

Visit your doctor to find out more information about what option suits your situation best. Good luck and remember stay positive!