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Pregnancy brain

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Are you constantly forgetting things?

It’s been called momnesia, placenta brain and even baby brain drain, but most of us know the bouts of forgetfulness we experience during pregnancy as pregnancy brain. Pregnancy brain usually strikes during your first and third trimesters of pregnancy and though it is normal and harmless, it’s quite a frustrating pregnancy symptom.

During pregnancy you’re not as mentally sharp as you were before you were pregnant and you will find yourself doing strange things and forgetting everyday things you use to remember. Do you know how you enter a room for a reason, but as soon as you arrive you forgot what that reason was? Well, that’s probably going to happen several times a day. Moreover, you’ll probably put your empty yogurt pot in the dishwasher and the spoon you ate it with in the rubbish bin and you might even forget your best friend’s phone number. Don’t worry, this is not a permanent problem and pregnancy brain will disappear in the months following birth.

What causes pregnancy brain?

  • Your body is under a lot of stress. It is understandably a little more preoccupied with providing for your baby than firing your mental neurons at full capacity.
  • Your severe lack of sleep. Many pregnant women have trouble sleeping and anyone who is tired gets forgetful.
  • Your fluctuating pregnancy hormone levels. Progesterone, estrogen and oxytocin are all running wild in your body during pregnancy and birth and they impact your memory capacity.

How do I avoid and manage pregnancy brain?