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Pelvic pain

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Your pelvis can cause you a lot of pregnancy pain.
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Pelvic pain is a common pregnancy symptom and it really is a pain, especially if it becomes severe and develops into SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction).

Pelvic pain is the result of increased levels of the hormone relaxin in your body. Your pelvis is a combination of two sides, which are joined in the centre by a joint called the symphysis pubis. This joint is surrounded by a layer of ligaments, which your increased relaxin levels soften in preparation for labour. Softer ligaments means your pelvis moves around a lot more than is normal and this excess movement causes pain and inflammation and sometimes even SPD.

This pelvic pain usually worsens as the end of your pregnancy approaches, but can appear from as early as your second trimester. Pelvic pain is normal and has no negative effect on your baby’s health, but if severe it can make your pregnancy quite uncomfortable. Our advice for coping with SPD can also be useful for coping with and limiting normal levels of pelvic pain.

What is SPD?