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Ovulation problems

What are ovulation problems?
Ovulation problems are when your body is unable to release an egg from your ovaries during your monthly cycle therefore, if no egg is released you are unable to conceive.

The causes of ovulation problems are normally hormonal problems, this can occur due to weight problems, poor diet, stress and a lack of exercise.

What are the signs of ovulation problems?

  • Infrequent periods
  • Skipped periods
  • Overly heavy periods
  • Extremely light periods

Do you need to take an ovulation test?

What can you do about it?
There are ovulation prediction kits available at drugstores and you can also use an ovulation calculator, their purpose is to indicate when your specific ovulation dates are, that way you can know when the best days are to try and conceive.

What are the possible solutions?

Couples that receive treatment like fertility drugs or IVF will normally have success rate of 70 - 90% to get pregnant.

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