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Morning sickness

Woman with morning sickness

Are you suffering with morning sickness?
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More than 50% of all pregnant women experience morning sickness, which is one of the most well-known pregnancy symptoms. However, those of you who suffer with morning sickness know that it can actually last all day long. As the day progresses the nausea and vomiting usually eases up, but unfortunately there are exceptions to the rule.

Morning sickness begins around week 6 of pregnancy, peaks between week 9 and week 10 and usually between week 12 and week 14 as your first trimester is coming to a close, morning sickness ends. Morning sickness can be quite intense sometimes, so much so that some pregnant women lose weight during their first few weeks of pregnancy! If that’s you don’t worry it’s normal. However, with some severe cases of morning sickness dehydration or hyperemesis gravidarum is a risk. For this reason, it is essential that you keep yourself hydrated 24/7, because morning sickness won’t harm your baby, but dehydration will.
During trimester 1 a balanced diet is not essential. So if you’re having trouble maintaining one because of your morning sickness, feel free to stick only to those foods which you can eat. Just make sure you’re getting enough folic acid and staying hydrated.

How do I ease my morning sickness?