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Maternity clothes on a budget

Shopping for a whole new maternity wardrobe can be an extra financial burden during your pregnancy so someone women actually dread it. Don’t worry though, we have tonnes of tips to help you find that perfect maternity wardrobe on a budget.

1. Search the sale racks. Even if you don’t need maternity clothes,  check out the maternity section if there is a sale, because you may not find the same bargains in a couple of months when you do need maternity clothes.

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Keep a look out for sales
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2. Raid your mummy friends’ wardrobes. Whether you’re both pregnant and share each other’s maternity clothes or she has already had her baby and you get her hand me downs, this is a great way to save money. The clothes are free and you won’t have to go out to the shops.

3. Ebay. Everyone knows this famous website. It’s perfect for finding a bargain and you don’t even have to leave home.

4. Buy larger sizes. Sometimes the word ‘maternity’ on the tag can up the price, because those cheeky people know you NEED to buy maternity clothes. If you find this is happening to you, check out the regular sections of shops and buy pieces in a size or 2 larger than you normally wear.

5. Mix and match. When buying maternity clothes choose pieces that you can mix and match or you can wear with things that you already have in your wardrobe that still fit. For example, a solid dress can be worn with a jacket, cardigan, scarvf and other accessories you already have, making one dress into several different outfits.

However, if there is one thing we recommend you splurge on, it’s a pair of maternity jeans. We’ve yet to meet a mum-to-be who hasn’t absolutely fallen in love with her pair. They will become your second skin!

If you want to know about what pieces you will probably need to buy check out our section on the basics of maternity wear.