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Hypnobirthing classes

Hypnobirthing classes use the Mongon Method, which is a unique method of relaxed, natural, childbirth education that is enhanced by a self-hypnosis technique. Many women prefer to try hypnobirthing, as it encourages childbirth without the need of pain relief medication.

Hypnobirth can relax you during labour
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Hyponobirthing professionals believe that labour does not have to be as painful as it is perceived to be in films and on TV shows. The technique is to hypnotise yourself through concentration on your breathing. This allows your body to deal with the pain and feel a sense of pressure instead of agony.

What to expect

The classes are presented in a series of five units, each lasting 2 and half hours.

  1. Building a positive expectancy.
  2. Falling in love with your baby.
  3. Preparing to welcome your baby.
  4. An overview of birthing - a labour of love.
  5. Birth - breathing love and bringing life.

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