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Frequent urination

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Do you find yourself constantly looking for this sign everywhere you go?

Have you found yourself going to the bathroom incessantly since you discovered you were pregnant? Actually, let’s be honest you probably noticed that before you found out you were pregnant as it is one of the first signs of pregnancy.

We wish we could tell you that this is one of those pregnancy symptoms that will ease overtime, however it won’t. Despite the common misconception that during trimester two you will experience some relief, science says otherwise.

Early in your pregnancy, frequent urination is the result of your increased hCG levels. hCG is a pregnancy hormone that can take the blame for many of your pregnancy symptoms. It usually begins during week six of your first trimester as increased hCG levels cause your body to produce more fluid and blood which goes straight to your kidneys. Your bladder is then responsible for emptying those waste fluids from your body. As your pregnancy progresses it is the additional pressure on your bladder caused by your growing uterus which causes you to run to the bathroom so much. Frequent urination should disappear about a week after birth as your body returns to normal.

If you notice that going to the bathroom causes a burning sensation when you pee and/or you constantly need to go to the bathroom, but nothing comes out you may have a urinary tract infection (UTI). You should contact your doctor immediately to get your UTI treated, if left untreated it could complicate your pregnancy.

During trimester three you may experience a bit of incontinence, this is normal and there are some steps you can take to avoid it and any embarrassment you fear it may cause.

How to deal with frequent urination?