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Food aversions

sushi: a source of repulsion for pregnant women

Can't stand the sight of sushi? It must be your pregnancy food aversion

Food aversions are a common pregnancy symptoms that affect approximately 85% of all pregnant women, particularly in the first trimester. Food aversions have been found to accompany food cravings, however more pregnant women report experiencing food aversions as an individual symptom rather than having cravings on their own.

Two primary causes of food aversions have been identified: those lovely pregnancy hormones that are going wild in your body during your entire 40 week pregnancy and as a natural defense mechanism that prevents you from eating those foods which present a threat to your pregnancy. For example, you may notice that most of your pregnancy food aversions are to meats and bitter foods, which have a higher risk of interrupting your pregnancy as they tend to be the sources of toxins. The natural defense mechanism theory is further proved by the common aversion to drinks including: coffee, alcohol and diet sodas, all of which are not recommended for pregnancy.

You will notice a decrease in your pregnancy food aversions as each trimester passes and most expectant mothers report being food aversion free by their third trimester. This is best explained by the natural defense mechanism theory, because as your pregnancy progresses fetal development slows down and by the third trimester your baby spends more time growing than developing new organs.

How do I deal with my food aversions?