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Enhanced sense of smell

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Covering your nose at almost everything you smell?

Is the smell of your partner’s deodorant suddenly the most vile thing you can think of? Well then it’s time to say hello to another frustrating and very normal pregnancy symptom, your enhanced sense of smell.

Your enhanced sense of smell doesn’t help when it comes to morning sickness, because more often than not those smells you can’t stand also trigger your gag reflex. Guess who’s to blame for this wonderful pregnancy symptom? That’s right, your lovely pregnancy hormones, more specifically your increased estrogen levels. Luckily, your enhanced sense of smell should only cause you trouble during your first trimester of pregnancy as it usually disappears by the time you begin your second trimester.

Despite how common an enhanced sense of smell during pregnancy is, there’s is actually no scientific evidence to prove that your sense of smell changes during pregnancy. Nevertheless, medical practitioners agree that based on the number of pregnant women who report an enhanced sense of smell that it is most definitely a symptom of pregnancy.

Did you may even experience phantom smells? That means you may smell repulsive scents even though there is absolutely no reason too.

You can’t decrease your sense of smell during pregnancy, but there are some things you can do to make living with it for 3 months more bearable.

How can I cope with my enhanced sense of smell?