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Dressing attractively to hide your bump

Many women fear that maternity wear can’t be attractive and they are going to spend their whole pregnancy looking like a blimp, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It is very possible to dress attractively and hide your bump when you are pregnant. Here are a few tipsto get you on your way to creating a stylish maternity wardrobe you can be proud of.

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Hide your bump, accentuate your arms
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1. Wear dark colours. As always colours, such as black, navy blue and deep purple, give you the appearance of being slim and sleek. Say bye-bye-bye baby bump.

2. Wear solids. Like darks, solids are much more slimming than patterns, which can be distorted in all the wrong places.

3. Show-off your cleavage and hide your swollen ankles. As always, the key to dressing while while you are pregnant is to emphasise the good parts of your body while hiding the bad ones. For example, you could wear a great pair of maternity jeans that hide your ankles with a low cut fashion top which emphasises your great new cleavage.

4. Avoid horizontal patterns at all costs. There is nothing like a horizontal pattern to emphasise your growing bump, so if you  want to hide it, go for vertical patterns and vertical rows of buttons instead which will streamline your body.

5. Don’t wear excessively loose clothes. Instead, opt for a top that fits around your still slim shoulders and loosens around your bump and/or skinny jeans which accent your legs. This will bring attention to your great body parts while hiding your bump.

These tips are best for women who want to dress to hide their baby bumps. If you want to show-off your bump or care more for comfort than style, which is perfectly understandable, then you can completely disregard these tips or just refer back to them when you have a special event while you are pregnant, which you want to look good for.