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Coping with your enhanced sense of smell

Your enhanced sense of smell during the first trimester of your pregnancy is probably driving you crazy, right? Well, not to worry because we’ve got a list of ideas to help you make it a little bit more bearable and to hopefully reduce the chances of it triggering your gag reflex and morning sickness.

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It's Dad's turn in the kitchen.
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  • Cook only foods you like. If you have other kids whose favourite foods include those ingredients you can’t stand, get your partner to help out with the cooking...if he can.
  • Ventilate your house. Keep the windows open and make sure there is a constant air circulation in every room of your house. If outdoor smells irritate you, rely on a humidifier instead.
  • Wash your clothes frequently. Fabrics tend to hold in certain odors and some may be your worst triggers.

  • Change your scented beauty and cleaning products. Sometimes even your favourite perfume becomes disgusting to your nose, so look for a different product that you can stand.
  • Avoid people you can’t stand the smell of. It’s not their fault, but what else can you do? With close family and friends you may be able to get away with requesting that they don’t wear certain products around you.
  • Stay around scents you do enjoy.If a smell is relaxing or pleasant take advantage of it.

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    Most pregnant women enjoy the smell of lavender.

  • Put scented oil on a tissue or handkerchief and carry it around with you. If you end up around a smell you can’t stand, placing the scented tissue or handkerchief by your nose should help. Many expectant mothers say the scent of lavender oil is the best for this.
  • Take supplements instead of forcing yourself to eat nutrient rich foods. Most pregnant women rely on supplements during the first trimester as morning sickness can impede their ability to get enough from the foods they can eat.

The key is to do your utmost to avoid any smell that you can’t stand, but we know that’s not always possible, so hopefully our hints and tips above will help you out.