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Blocked fallopian tubes

Your fallopian tubes are the small tubes which connect your ovaries and uterus. When you ovulate, your ovaries release an egg which then has to travel to your womb in order for conception to occur. Your egg makes this journey via your fallopian tubes. If you suffer from blocked fallopian tubes you will probably also experience a fertility problem, because this blockage prevents the egg from getting to its final destination - your uterus.

If you have been diagnosed with this condition and are trying to conceive don’t panic, because there are several options available to you, which can help to open your fallopian tubes.

  • Therapy
  • Medical clean out
  • Natural treaments
  • Herbs

Up to 25% of infertility cases occur as the result of blocked fallopian tubes. One known cause of this condition is a past pelvic infection. If you have noticed that you are having difficulty conceiving then you should visit your physician to discuss the matter.

How can you tell if your fallopian tubes are blocked?